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  1. Route 53 Aliases

    Note to self for web sites hosted in S3 buckets with DNS in Route 53. Rather than create a CNAME, use an alias record. Alias records are Route 53 specific pointers to an ELB load balancer, an S3 web site bucket or another resource record set in the same zone ...

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  2. Moving the blog

    Since these notes are rather miscellaneous jots than real rants, a name change was in place:

    $ cli53 rrdelete  martineg.net rants CNAME
    $ cli53 rrcreate -martineg.net jots CNAME (..)

    Also, after a combination of brew upgrade and an XCode tools update (or both), ruhroh was no longer working, and RVM would ...

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  3. Solaris disks and Sybase raw devices

    When presenting Solaris disks to Sybase as a raw device, it's not possible to use the whole disk (s2), or Sybase will try to overwrite the disk label (disk init will not succeed). Therefore, you need to first edit the partitioning. One way is to bump the predefined slice ...

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